Friday, January 20, 2012

While you're away

Check out this recipe I found on BigOven!

I love the little headlines websites attach to their links. So clever.

Neither Chris not myself adores chili, but I've been trying to make life easier on myself lately by doing some slow cooker recipes and having a cook a thon on Sunday afternoons. I failed miserably this week, buy I'm blaming that on an underconstruction kitchen with no dishwasher until Monday.

This was very tasty though and easily adjustable: I don't generally easy pork or beef, but recognize its place in the recipe. So, rather than 1lb of each, I used 1lb of ground turkey and s half pound of each beef and pork. I then reduced the beans by a third.

Even after modifications, it still yielded 6-7 very generous adult portions.

I'll skip over the part wherein I admit to forgetting to turn on the crockpot before leaving for work, but goll darn it was easy once I did so.

Happy Weekend!

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