Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Retrospect

Oh, those Puppeteers of the Universe. A funny bunch, they are! I posted this on a previous blog exactly 11 days before our purchase agreement for the new house was signed. Oddly enough, what was supposed to be the house before The House is shaping up to be The House. Hindsight: Such a kick in the crotch little devil!

In the house– the one before The House– it may just be mandatory that this be a part of our home.

Those bridesmaidy throw pillows are a little shiny and solid for my taste, so maybe something obnoxiously patterned and orange could replace them. The teal (I hate that word. But it’s a dozen drops of green short of being called turquoise) on the sidechair is the color of our basement in the moment. When we move (ARE YOU LISTENING, GOD?), that color is totally coming with us. If only I could take with me the endless hours of Criminal Minds marathons I spent painting an entire basement in such a Don’t Fuck This Up/Get It On the Wood Trim and Die type of color.

I can’t wait.

When I walk into some of these shithole houses and see yellow bathroom tile and kitchen cabinets faced in vinyl wood planks (an actual Open House experience), I pray for the conviction to believe in the possibility.

Through the musty smell of wet dogs and the blinding haze of high-gloss brass fixtures, this is the possibility I refuse to let go of.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Favorite. Perhaps Even The Favorite.

To be a blogger and to be in this maddeningly wild life with Christopher is ironic the way that people circling the parking lot for the closest spot at the gym is ironic. He doesn't want his handsome mug schmeared all over my Facebook or blog and dammit, I totally agree most of the time but dammit, sometimes I need a second to say, OMIGAWD, Look at how CUTE he is!!

Behold the cuteness for yourself.

And now imagine him standing over my shoulder, reading this and arms are flailing and voices are getting loud and BABE, that picture of me sucks! I'm eating cookies! TAKE IT DOWN!

This is one of my favorites because this was the first night Chris said "I love you." Please make note of that- HE said it first and I didn't even have to trick him! We were at the State Fair when the lights began to shut down, crowds of people made their way to the Exits, and Chris looked at me and says, SWEET MARTHA'S COOKIES! I hadn't a clue what that meant but again, look at that face and how the hell was I not going to oblige. I snapped this very granulated picture with my POS phone camera only so I could text all of my girlfriends in a severe case of boasting. As I turned away from him to sends said texts, I saw the black and white photo booth I had been in search of all night. The photo strip remains safely framed by our bed and I still smile everytime I think of that grossly humid night and the way we squished our big butts into a tiny little booth just so I had an excuse to kiss him.

When children are fussing, one is bleeding, one is hitting, one is pooping, and one is showing me how ta da! Look Nanny, I can roll over and I just rolled off of my Boppy, I think hey God, YOU OWE ME.

Then He reminds me of how He introduced my Grandma to his Grandpa in Heaven and those two got into all sorts of cahoots to make sure Chris and I did not go through another day without one another. Who woulda thunk it!

Happy Anniversary Week, babe. You are a once in a lifetime.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down the Aisl.. Road

Chris and I are celebrating an anniversary next week. Not a wedding anniversary, but a We did it, We made it anniversary. We ReDid the crap out of a house, moved in together, I took a new job, mourned the loss of my grandfather together, Chris quit smoking, shared our whacky families with one another, sold a house, and bought a new house and goll darn, we still like one another!

People have been asking since Valentine's Day just when it is that he's going to make an honest woman out of me (choke!), and so far we are pretty unphased by the inquiries. Don't get me wrong, he likes it and he's going to put a ring on it, but not this very minute.

Without oversharing financial information or making a to do of Chris' business-- the man doesn't even Facebook for goodness Le Gasp!-- let's just say the housing transactions have been complex and the choice came down to Get Married or Get Movin, so we chose housing for the time being. But let's be real, I am still a chick and I still wiggle my ring finger in the windshield in anticipation of the glitter that will someday signify our commitment.

However, such is life that God does not let us all have it all, all at once. So for now, the wedding waits. Our commitment feels the same and every bit as real, but the paper documentation waits. When that day comes though, please little Wedding Fairies in the Enchanted Gardens of Love, let it look like this:

Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Dreamland

Since our current house is on total lockdown while For Sale, the delight of a Sunday evening DIY project has come to a screeching hault. We moaned and groaned with every third tile spacer, but that's how those types of projects are: it feels like habanero pepper seeds in your eyeball at the time, but oh how we do adore ourselves a backsplash redo.

In the meantime, we are counting down the 51 days prior to move in day at the house/The House. We are happily browsing appliance stores, sadly crying over professional grade dual fuel ranges that cost more than my car, and eagerly brainstorming possibilities from moulding to settees to eventual sun room redos that involve creating a larger family room attached to the kitchen.

You know, for our eventual family.

I came across the Ana White website by way of a fellow Blogger. This thing is genius. I feel certain that we'll waste more time and money botching up building our own furniture, but the idea of jigsawing our way to the Custom Furniture Finishline makes my mouth water.

Behold! Ana White.

Oh and also. It is totally friggin free.

Salivation, commence!
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