Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Retrospect

Oh, those Puppeteers of the Universe. A funny bunch, they are! I posted this on a previous blog exactly 11 days before our purchase agreement for the new house was signed. Oddly enough, what was supposed to be the house before The House is shaping up to be The House. Hindsight: Such a kick in the crotch little devil!

In the house– the one before The House– it may just be mandatory that this be a part of our home.

Those bridesmaidy throw pillows are a little shiny and solid for my taste, so maybe something obnoxiously patterned and orange could replace them. The teal (I hate that word. But it’s a dozen drops of green short of being called turquoise) on the sidechair is the color of our basement in the moment. When we move (ARE YOU LISTENING, GOD?), that color is totally coming with us. If only I could take with me the endless hours of Criminal Minds marathons I spent painting an entire basement in such a Don’t Fuck This Up/Get It On the Wood Trim and Die type of color.

I can’t wait.

When I walk into some of these shithole houses and see yellow bathroom tile and kitchen cabinets faced in vinyl wood planks (an actual Open House experience), I pray for the conviction to believe in the possibility.

Through the musty smell of wet dogs and the blinding haze of high-gloss brass fixtures, this is the possibility I refuse to let go of.

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