Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Dreamland

Since our current house is on total lockdown while For Sale, the delight of a Sunday evening DIY project has come to a screeching hault. We moaned and groaned with every third tile spacer, but that's how those types of projects are: it feels like habanero pepper seeds in your eyeball at the time, but oh how we do adore ourselves a backsplash redo.

In the meantime, we are counting down the 51 days prior to move in day at the house/The House. We are happily browsing appliance stores, sadly crying over professional grade dual fuel ranges that cost more than my car, and eagerly brainstorming possibilities from moulding to settees to eventual sun room redos that involve creating a larger family room attached to the kitchen.

You know, for our eventual family.

I came across the Ana White website by way of a fellow Blogger. This thing is genius. I feel certain that we'll waste more time and money botching up building our own furniture, but the idea of jigsawing our way to the Custom Furniture Finishline makes my mouth water.

Behold! Ana White.

Oh and also. It is totally friggin free.

Salivation, commence!

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