Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Favorite. Perhaps Even The Favorite.

To be a blogger and to be in this maddeningly wild life with Christopher is ironic the way that people circling the parking lot for the closest spot at the gym is ironic. He doesn't want his handsome mug schmeared all over my Facebook or blog and dammit, I totally agree most of the time but dammit, sometimes I need a second to say, OMIGAWD, Look at how CUTE he is!!

Behold the cuteness for yourself.

And now imagine him standing over my shoulder, reading this and arms are flailing and voices are getting loud and BABE, that picture of me sucks! I'm eating cookies! TAKE IT DOWN!

This is one of my favorites because this was the first night Chris said "I love you." Please make note of that- HE said it first and I didn't even have to trick him! We were at the State Fair when the lights began to shut down, crowds of people made their way to the Exits, and Chris looked at me and says, SWEET MARTHA'S COOKIES! I hadn't a clue what that meant but again, look at that face and how the hell was I not going to oblige. I snapped this very granulated picture with my POS phone camera only so I could text all of my girlfriends in a severe case of boasting. As I turned away from him to sends said texts, I saw the black and white photo booth I had been in search of all night. The photo strip remains safely framed by our bed and I still smile everytime I think of that grossly humid night and the way we squished our big butts into a tiny little booth just so I had an excuse to kiss him.

When children are fussing, one is bleeding, one is hitting, one is pooping, and one is showing me how ta da! Look Nanny, I can roll over and I just rolled off of my Boppy, I think hey God, YOU OWE ME.

Then He reminds me of how He introduced my Grandma to his Grandpa in Heaven and those two got into all sorts of cahoots to make sure Chris and I did not go through another day without one another. Who woulda thunk it!

Happy Anniversary Week, babe. You are a once in a lifetime.

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