Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down the Aisl.. Road

Chris and I are celebrating an anniversary next week. Not a wedding anniversary, but a We did it, We made it anniversary. We ReDid the crap out of a house, moved in together, I took a new job, mourned the loss of my grandfather together, Chris quit smoking, shared our whacky families with one another, sold a house, and bought a new house and goll darn, we still like one another!

People have been asking since Valentine's Day just when it is that he's going to make an honest woman out of me (choke!), and so far we are pretty unphased by the inquiries. Don't get me wrong, he likes it and he's going to put a ring on it, but not this very minute.

Without oversharing financial information or making a to do of Chris' business-- the man doesn't even Facebook for goodness Le Gasp!-- let's just say the housing transactions have been complex and the choice came down to Get Married or Get Movin, so we chose housing for the time being. But let's be real, I am still a chick and I still wiggle my ring finger in the windshield in anticipation of the glitter that will someday signify our commitment.

However, such is life that God does not let us all have it all, all at once. So for now, the wedding waits. Our commitment feels the same and every bit as real, but the paper documentation waits. When that day comes though, please little Wedding Fairies in the Enchanted Gardens of Love, let it look like this:

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