Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paint yourself silly

Who else remembers childhood birthday parties at shops filled to the brim with pointless plaster figurines and ceramic dishes perfect for Mothers Day?

Well, we've been up to the adult version lately. Of the 11 rooms Chris and I have painted together, only once have we not hit the nail on the painted hammerhead when it comes to color selection. But that was then and this is now and I'll be danged, this old house and its plaster walls are a totally different design puzzle. The living/dining room space is fantastic, but it is also totally lacking in lighting.

We currently have no less than eight colors on the wall; none of which remotely resemble the swatch and none of which remotely resemble one another from wall to wall.

I'm hearing Lil Jon singing "from the window to the waaaall" with each new color I put up. Our walls look like a slice of swiss cheese run through a Rainbow Bright carwash. Surely there is humor in the ridiculousness, but mostly, it has simply become frustrating.

The first the were too cool- not fat like phat, but cool like icy cold in tone.  And I have had enough contemporary design to last me till Kingdom come! So once I was done pleading my case for a more traditional direction, and once I was climbed down from my Modern is A Time Period, Contemporary is a Style pulpit, up went several more colors.

Its a real dilemma, alright. The front runner is Elemental from Benjamin Moore. The only problem with it? Its sage green.

The only thing I hate more than sage green is butter yellow. Which, ironically, bore its ugly face in the kitchen during another Reno fiasco. That's a whole nutha mutha if you know what I'm sayin though.

The sampling continues.

Meanwhile, you're all getting Benjamin Moore Natura samples in a sparkling Eggshell finish for Christmas next year. Get excited!

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