Monday, January 23, 2012

Pining for a Pinning Freeze

While I quickly grew to love Pinterest almost a year ago, I am quickly finding myself signing in, flipping through, and giving the site a big ole "X" to close in a matter of minutes.

Pinterest has become the new Facebook: cool en utero, a snooze-fest-a-palooza in global inclusion.

The pins are no longer fresh: everyone is repinning everyone's pins. How many candybars can we jam into one dessert? Or just exactly how many WHITE ON WHITE PLUS STAINLESS kitchens can we stomach? Everyone is copying everyone that's copying everyone else.

Ya dig?

That's not new though- I started to feel the redundant nature of Pinterest settling into my swollen Carpal Tunnel Knuckles weeks ago. What has really tipped me off is finding that almost HALF of the nine-or-so blogs that I regularly read are now featuring pins. IE: find a pin that everyone has pinned, perform a quickie right click, and paste it on a New Post page; write a quick blurb and call it a blog.

Kill me, okay. JUST KILL ME if this is how lazy we have all become. Our Express Yourself domains and Free Speech platforms have become another Originality Bypass strait towards Genericville. Population: Most of Everyone These Days.

Color me annoyed. Actually, don't. Because everyone likes to act indignite and annoyed and perturbed by privilege and life these days. Better yet, color me Refusing to Participate in The Lazy, Pajamification of the American Mindset.

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