Wednesday, January 18, 2012


With gorgeousness!

See what I just did there? I made a decorating pun.

Like I'm killin em but kilim. Get it? I've been sitting on that one all morning.

All of this SOPA blackout business.. Tough stuff, man. I get it, free speech and all of that, I hear you! Now give me back my coupon app and WordPress!

As a fan of  freedom to publish, I rather fancy the internet. Got it is this lovely intraweb which allotted me to piss away endless hours of previous life and countless flats of hard earned income.

Enter: kilim!! The fabulously patterned and colorful Turkish tradition holds a special place in my heart. Its not quite Navajo and it is certainly not your grandmothers paisley. Its bright, playful, and in my eyes, it should practically be considered a neutral.

I picked up a fab area rug for the kitchen at a favorite local antiques gem last  weekend and negotiated my way to a sweet steal at $68. Now I find myself craving more. Pillows. Runners.


The real stuff is super pricey and let's be real, kind of scratchy. Paying two hundo for a throw pillow makes about as much sense as a penguin on a bicycle, but that doesn't stop me from wanting.

More kilim, please!

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