Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Time has Come

It's here! It's FINALLY friggin' HERE!!!

Even though the calendar says that the wait for Official Moving Month hasn't been much more than a Sex & The City marathon, it feels like an eternity. We sealed the deal over the 4th of July weekend and have been absolutely counting down every morning when we wake up.

The thing, too, is that from the first awkward "Hi, how are ya... pause for hug or handshake or maybe kiss cheek. But one or two? Is he Italian?" meeting until now has been but a mere 13 months. Which felt like something I waited an entire lifetime for, but then again feels so quick. And here we are. I have Etsy'ed the shit out of "Change of Address" announcements and have been so, so tempted to go on ahead and subscribe to Renovation Style sort of for the content, but mostly just so I can type in our new address.

Then it occurs to me that the current owners would probably get the first issue and they might take away our perfect little (will be) amazing rambler in the 'burbs.

My Pinterest pins are getting out of control-- Chris sees me for long enough to share a quick dinner debriefing session, then sees nothing but the top of my head as I bury my nose in the computer. Each day, my excitement builds. Each day, I feel more and more inspired and hopeful about the enormous potential of this dark-paneled little house.

I trust that the Intraweb will also deliver to me a tool with which to pin the overnight delivery of a money tree.

Three weeks from tomorrow, I'm going to get Chris to begrudgingly pose next to the SOLD sign at the Plumage House and I am going to geek out with sheer joy. Then I will go inside, only to be reminded of the poop colored electric stove, the awkward bedroom layout, and this dreadful sunroom which is crying out for proper drywall and a refurb pair of french doors.

But the joy! Oh, the joy. This is going to be so totally out of control. Tally Ho!

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